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Short Bedtime Story Skill

The Short Bedtime Story is a skill for Alexa, Cortana, Google Home and Bixby that tells a story with the person's name filled in at various points.

For example, Tell Bedtime Story to Gary could result in:

Once upon a time there was a magical wizard named Gary who came upon a little frog with blond hair. Gary asked the frog, ...

I encourage you to read some reviews and rate the skill if you enjoy it and the write a review about how your kids react to it. Read other people's comments. Even the critical ones are sometimes amusing.

I'm always looking for ideas and stories to add to the skill so if you have any, please share by email or the Disqus board.

How to Play a Story

You can ask Alexa, Cortana, Google Home or Bixby to tell the Bedtime Story to [name].

This skill is written to support the Amazon Echo (Alexa), Microsoft Cortana, Google Home and Bixby (Samsung). Rather than use both device names, I will often just resort to using Alexa but think in your mind, "Cortana", "Google Home" and "Bixby" too.

One of several random stories is then spoken out loud for all to hear and enjoy. Every time you play, the next story will be recited and eventually it will start over with the first story.

How to Get a Linking Code

To use this website, you will have to get a Linking Code from Short Bedtime Story. Just ask Alexa, Ask Bedtime Story to Configure. Alexa will give you the code you need. If you miss it, just ask again.

You have to register an account at this website and then link your web account with your Alexa account by entering the code. If you have some combination of an Amazon Echo, Microsoft Cortana and Bixby, you will have to get a code for each but you only need one website account.

Note that Google devices do not support this linking feature.

For Alexa, there are actually two skills; one named "Bedtime Story" and one named "A Bedtime Story". This allows you to call up the skill by saying either "Alexa, tell Bedtime Story to Deb" or using the "a" article, "Alexa, tell a Bedtime Story to Deb". If you use both these ways, you will need to get a linking code for both and link add the code to this site. You'd get the codes by asking "Alexa, ask Bedtime Story to configure" and get the second code with "Alexa, ask a Bedtime Story to configure". Sorry, but that's the way Amazon works:)

Link as many accounts as you need to your registered web account. Of course, you have to log in before you can enter your codes. If you are not sure if your account is linked, just ask for a code and if it is already linked, it will say so.

The Bedtime Website

Sometimes, Short Bedtime Story will make a mistake on the gender of the name. If it can't tell, it will assume it's a boy.

Other times, the name may be mis-pronounced like I may ask for a story for Gary but Alexa hears Giri. Or Allie is spoken as Ellie

Both of these problems can be fixed at this web site.

Some folks would prefer that certain stories not be told due to the age of the kids or perhaps they have grown tired of some. You can deactivate any of the stories you don't want with a checkmark.

Author Your Own Stories
If you are creative or an aspiring author, you can create your own stories that will include the name. You can tailor the stories to your own family, school, location and interests. Kids really like to hear stories about their teachers, friends, cousins or whatever.

Finally, there is a discussion board (Disqus) where you can discuss with others your thoughts, experiences, ideas and stories you wrote. On the bottom of the pages are Share Icons so you can share Short Bedtime Story with others on Twitter, Facebook, etc.